AMR College

Chairman's Message

I am honored and pleased to present to you the Atluri Mastan Reddy Educational Society Profile. Alturi Mastan Reddy Educational Society is focused to provide world-class education, foster research and development, evolve innovative applications of technology, encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately mould young men and women capable of assuming leadership of the society for the betterment of the country. To meet this goal we conduct seminars and workshops with industry leaders, business heads and subject experts in their respective fields. This peerless Educational Society was brought into existence to bridge the gap between industry and the institute and bring technology from lab to land. From the inception, this Educational Society focused on enhancing excellence in teaching with emphasis on practical learning balanced with theory.

In the year 2007 A.M.Reddy Memorial College of Engineering & Technology was born with an aim of promoting the advancement of engineering knowledge both in creation and dissemination, by providing successful graduates and a continuously improving learning environment to its constituents, while maintaining high ethical, multi cultural and global standards.

Secretary's Message

It is so delighting to say about Atluri Mastan Reddy Educational Society, a fruitful cross-fertilization of 'Global Vision' and 'Local Presence' with a view to bringing the fruits of technological innovations to the Indian rural youth and, in the process, making their lives happier, healthier and brighter by bringing quality education with the evolving needs of the society within the reach of most of the people.

We constantly strive to adapt to the changing technology and demands of the society and wish to lead our student’s o stay ahead of the pack.