AMR College

The Library

Information is an essential input to national development. The modern library has great responsibility in harnessing and utilization of information. The library and information centers strive for high quality of library services which emphasis the actual delivery of information rather than actual delivery of documents for meeting their generics as well as specific needs of the users.

Our college encourages every student to use the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. Standard text books and books by author of repute in all fields taught at the college are stocked. The college follows a policy of buying multiple copies of many of these books to make them available to a large number of students. There is no question of budget approval when it comes to the buying of books. Thus students are not likely to be handicapped for want of reference material at any time. The library is well equipped with a good collections of 20,000 books for issue and references in varies disciplines along with national and international journals, audio, video cassettes, CDs of selected topics are made available to the students to enrich their knowledge.

Membership Info

The central library is mainly for the use of faculty, students and supporting staff of the institution. Faculty members and students can borrow books and reference books.

MemberLibrary CardsLoan Period
Teaching Staff5 Cards1 Month
B.Tech./MBA Students3 Cards15 Days
Other2 Cards15 Days

Librarian Information
Mrs. P. Sailaja
Phone No: 9000025640